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Grape harvest

An enriching activity in a bucolic setting to soak up the time of a day, in the profession of winegrower.

About this experience

We often hear about grape harvests in France and Spain, but what about here in Quebec? Did you know that it is possible to experience the life of a grape picker for a day at many Quebec vineyards? Harvest time usually takes place towards the end of summer or early fall (September and October) when the grapes reach their optimum degree of ripeness. Not only will you be introduced to viticulture, but you will also have the opportunity to actually harvest the grapes, an essential step in the production of wine.

Quebec winegrowers offer different options such as picnic meals, wine tasting, VIP visits, exclusive discounts, or a gift bottle as a thank you for your help.

A busy day that will create happy memories! Since places are limited, be sure to book in advance!

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