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Typical activity of gourmet tourism, self-picking fruits and vegetables allows you to have a good time while guaranteeing the quality of your harvests.

About this experience

There are so many reasons to visit a pick-your-own farm! It could be to promote the purchase of local products, or to meet the farmer or even just to enjoy the great outdoors while savouring fresh fruit and vegetables! It is also a great opportunity to appreciate all the work and know-how involved in growing quality fruits and vegetables. Many pick-your-own farms have interpretive panels or interactive apps with information on the fruits and vegetables grown on site! As well, you will often have access to a variety of educational and recreational activities!

From classics such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, and pumpkins to the more uncommon such as haskap, sea buckthorn, Saskatoon berries, sunflower, zinnia, and garlic scapes, fruit and vegetable producers have a lot to offer!

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