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Sugar shack

Characteristic of Quebec culture, a meal at the sugar shack is an opportunity to fill your stomach and indulge your sweet tooth.

About this experience

Every year in March and April, you can enjoy the sugaring-off tradition at a sugar shack! This is the time of the year when the traditional harvest of maple sap takes place. The sap is then used to produce that delicious nectar, maple syrup.

Originally, sugar shacks were small cabins where the sap was transformed into syrup. With time, they evolved to become the unique experience we know today. Now more diversified, sugar shacks offer both traditional and contemporary menus. However, you can be sure of one thing: almost everything on the menu involves maple products! Of course, you have to try the traditional (and delicious) treat of maple taffy on snow!

To help you stretch your legs a bit, many sugar shacks also offer a variety of activities such as horse-drawn sleigh or tractor rides, hiking, a visit with farm animals, traditional music, dancing, and much more!

There is something for everyone at the sugar shack!

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